Dessert Design Tip:

Let us take care of the sweet details for your gathering.  Whether you're in charge of food for the office meeting or you're on the planning committee for the holiday party, we can customize your order to fit your needs.

We request 48-hours notice for all orders.  Don't see what you're looking for?  Give us a call at 302.422.5760 and we'll take care of you.

Food for Events

Let's be honest - weddings are EXPENSIVE!  Our goal is to offer a delicious and memorable wedding dessert for a fraction of the cost of traditional wedding cakes.  We specialize in non-traditional wedding desserts, meaning that you won't see anything larger than a single-tier cake.  It would be our honor to take care of the sweet details of your special day.

Call us today at 302-422-5760 to set up your own personal consultation and/or tasting!

A dessert bar is a guaranteed way of pleasing everyone in the crowd.  Offer guests a sampling of a variety of Dolce favorites including our signature Philadelphia Buttercake, Strawberry Granola bars, and Pumpkin bars.  We recommend including cupcakes and cookies as well!  

Party Platters*

We've chosen a spread of Dolce treats that is sure to please every palate.  Here's all you need to do:

1.  Choose from: Breakfast Platter or Dessert Platter

2.  Choose Platter Size:

Average Small Platter:

    Serves 12-14     $25.00

Average Medium Platter:

    Serves 25-30 $50.00

Average Large Platter:

    Serves approx. 50     $100.00

Custom Platter - Your Choice!

*48-72 hour notice required.  Add $3 to order for platter tray.

3.  Give us a call at 302.422.5760 or

Add dimension to your dessert table by placing several single-tier cakes at multiple heights.  Offer your guests a variety of choices + add a visually stunning dessert to your special day for a fraction of the cost.

Including a single-tier cake in the center of a cupcake display adds a stunning centerpiece to your cake table and allows you to partake in the traditional cutting of the cake.

No matter how many guests, cupcakes are a popular option to feed a crowd.  We offer brides the option of choosing their own cupcake liners or using a specialty gold candy stripe wedding liner as shown on the left.

Cut the Cake!

Wedding Dessert Alternatives

A cookie bar is a fun and simple way to sweeten your day!  Celebrate your inner child by adding cold milk for a cookies + milk bar!  

Need a Dessert or Breakfast Tray for your event?

Wedding Desserts